About the Faculty

The Theatre Faculty enhances the development of the creativity of young theatre makers with the aim of creating a theatre performance and reflecting on it in a scientific and theoretical analysis.
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Levels

The study at the Theatre Faculty is accredited in three levels:
Undergraduate level – bachelor’s degree (Bc.) (3-year full-time study)
Postgraduate level – master’s degree ( (2-year full-time study)
Postgraduate level – doctoral degree (ArtD.) (3-year full-time study, 5-year part-time study)


Department of Acting
Department of Directing and Dramaturgy
Department of Theatre Management
Department of Puppetry
Department of Stage Design
Department of Theatre Studies

The students of the Theatre Faculty acquire professional training in theatre art. Emphasis is placed on theoretical and practical experience, individual creativity and new artistic approaches.

The study at the Theatre Faculty is accredited in two branches Theatre Art and Fine Art in the following programmes:

Acting (Bc., Mgr. art., ArtD.)
The study is closely associated with other programmes at the faculty and focuses on the perception and awareness of one’s own body and its expression, on the release and enhancement of the layers of the actor’s personality and on revealing the relationships in a theatre play.

Compulsory core subjects
Acting; Directing and Acting; Voice and Speech Techniques; Movement and Dance Techniques; Analysis of Drama Texts; History of Theatre; Stage Practice, Foreign Languag

Compulsory core subjects
Acting; Singing; Voice Technique, Speech Technique; Movement and Dance Techniques; Analysis of Drama Texts; History of Theatre; Stage Practice, Foreign Language

Theatre Directing and Dramaturgy (Bc.)
Theatre Directing (Mgr. art.)
Theatre Directing and Dramaturgy (ArtD.)

The programmes aim to provide the students with education and practical skills to create a theatre performance (in cooperation with the programmes of the Department of Acting, the Department of Stage and Costume Design and the Department of Theatre Management).

Compulsory core subjects
Directing; Dramaturgy; Analysis of Dramatic Texts; Authorial Work; Translation Seminar; History of Theatre; Philosophy and Aesthetics; Psychology of Personality, Stage Practice, Foreign Language

Theatre Management (Bc.,
The programme aims to prepare students for a professional career in the management of theatres, cultural institutions and projects.

Compulsory core subjects
Administration and Organisation of Theatres; Cultural Management and Cultural Policy; Art Marketing; Fundraising; Project Management; Practice in Theatre Studio; Organising Theatre Festivals; English

Puppetry Acting (Bc.)
The programme prepares the students for the mastery of a whole complex of methods and techniques in puppetry, developing their versatility in acting, voice and movement techniques.

Compulsory core subjects
Puppetry; Movement and Voice Techniques; History of Puppet Theatre; Psychology of Children’s Audience, Foreign Language

Puppetry Directing and Dramaturgy (Bc.)
The programme prepares dramaturges and directors and develops their creative abilities. The students combine the elements of puppetry and art and create an original theatre performance.

Compulsory core subjects
Puppetry Directing and Dramaturgy; Authorial Work; Analysis of Drama Texts; Puppetry; History of Puppet Theatre; Philosophy and Aesthetics, Foreign Language

Puppetry Stage and Costume Design and Technology (Bc.)
The programme prepares the students for a professional career in stage and costume design. The study assumes creative talent, technical thinking and manual skills.

Compulsory core subjects
Stage of Puppet Theatre; Puppet – Object – Actor; Technology of Puppet Making; Creative Techniques; History of Puppet Theatre and Stage and Costume Design, Foreign Language

Puppetry (Mgr. art., ArtD.)
The programme provides complex postgraduate courses in the field of puppetry, directing and dramaturgy, and fine arts. It prepares the students for future artistic careers in puppet theatres but also in other alternative forms of theatre production.

Compulsory core subjects
Puppetry; History of Puppet Theatre, Dramaturgy in Puppet Theatre, Psychology of Children’s Audience

Stage and Costume Design (Bc.)
Theatre Stage and Costume Design (Mgr. art., ArtrD.)
During their studies the students work in theatre, puppetry, film and television stage and costume design, but also in architecture, design, action art and exhibition design. The programme prepares the students for future careers as stage and costume designers capable of creating a stage production in cooperation with directors, managers and technical staff.

Compulsory core subjects
Stage and Costume Production; Stage and Costume Design; Theory and History of Stage and Costume Design, History of Material Culture, Art Techniques, Foreign Language

Theory and Criticism of Theatre Art (Bc., Mgr. art., ArtD.)
The programme places emphasis on historical and contemporary theatre forms and drama. Theatre art interprets dramatic texts in the context of a number of humanities. It mediates the knowledge about the creative theatre process, its organisation, assessment and documentation. The students are instructed in theatre journalism, criticism and critical theory.

Compulsory core subjects
Theory of Drama; History of Theatre; Analysis of Theatre Production; Methods and Techniques of Acting; Theatre Criticism, Philosophy and Aesthetics, Cultural Anthropology, Foreign Language

Credit System
The programmes are in compliance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The credit system enables the students to take an active share in the design of their curriculum and choose the pace of their study.
The credit system enhances the exchange of students and guarantees the recognition of studies taken outside the mother institution.

Number of Credits:
Bachelor’s degree: 180
Master’s degree: 120
Doctoral degree: 180

Academic Year
The academic year is divided into winter and summer semesters.
The winter semester begins in September and ends in December. A four-week examination period follows in January.
The summer semester begins in February and ends in May. It is followed by a four-week examination period in June.
Admission examinations for undergraduate studies for a bachelor’s degree are held at the end of February.
Admission examinations for postgraduate studies for a master’s and doctoral degree are held at the end of June or the beginning of July. Detailed information about admission examinations is available in due course at

The Faculty provides teaching of practical and theoretical subjects in the new building at 5 Svoradova Street. There are also several small rehearsal rooms for dramatic, musical and puppet theatre, the professional LAB Theatre and stage and costume studios.
The Theatre Studio is responsible for technical service and operation in this building.
The classrooms are equipped with presentation techniques and Wi-fi connection. The school also has its own specialised library.
The productions of LAB Theatre are performed for the public three to four times a week during the academic year. There is also a theatre café.

Festivals and International Activities
The Theatre Faculty organises the international biennial festival of theatre schools

Istropolitana Project
The competitive festival compares and presents various theatre approaches used by the youngest generation of theatre makers. The productions show the achievements of theatre schools from all over the world. Since its inception, almost 100 theatre schools have participated in the festival.
The Theatre Faculty successfully presents its performances at numerous international student festivals.
The Faculty is a member of major international organisations:
International Theatre Institute (ITI/UNESCO)
European League of Institutes of Arts (ELIA)
European network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (ENCATC)
Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA)
International Federation for Theatre Research (FIRT)
International Association f Theatre Critics (IATC)

Studies for International Students
The language of instruction at the Theatre Faculty is Slovak and the foreign students interested in studying at the Faculty for a longer period are expected to attend the preparatory language course in Slovakia. Within the Erasmus Programme, the Faculty offers personal tutorship and selected subjects/courses in English.
The Theatre Faculty offers the foreign students of acting, dramaturgy and directing a one-semester course centred on the dramatic texts by A. P. Chekhov. The course is provided in English. The qualification for this course is the students’ experience in practical theatre activity and their previous studies in theatre courses or schools. Detailed information is available at , see International cooperation/Erasmus

Applicants from the European Union are exempted from tuition frees, applicants from outside the European Union pay tuition fees – information is available at the school website